Model Steam Engines

There are lots of great model steam engines on sale – check out our selection of the best ones below.

What are model steam engines?

Simply put, model steam engines are working models of traditional steam engine trains (and shouldn’t be confused with stationary steam engines, although they may be of interest to you too).

Model steam engines tend to be hand crafted from a range of suppliers and are incredibly detailed replicas of the original trains. They can come ready assembled or in kit form if your preference is to roll your sleeves up and put them together yourself. Most are suitable for older children, but any model that uses fuel should be supervised. Models can run on dry fuel, mentholated spirits, gas or electricity – check the model specification before you buy.

While model steam engines have traditionally been locomotives, in recent years other forms of transport are becoming more and more popular, with classic steam rollers and tractors also being produced in detailed model form.

Check out our latest model steam engine reviews below and let us know what you think of each model in the comments.

Latest Model Steam Engine Reviews