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No matter your passion, you’ll find something here to suit your needs. Model Steam is a collection of useful resources for model enthusiasts of all levels. Topics include models and kits of all types, ranging from steam engines to RC aircraft.

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Welcome to Model Steam! Here you’ll find great guides to model building and useful articles to get your started too!

Model building is a fantastic hobby that can be enjoyed on your own or with your friends and family. From the time you spend building your own models, to showing off your collection to others and even to driving, sailing or flying your creations by remote control, model building is a rewarding and exciting hobby. 

Most models are wonderful little pieces of history – faithful recreations of some of the most interesting and influential vehicles of all time. You can learn about how the first steam engines work, what they were used for and build scale models that actually use heat to power a steam engine. Or you could painstakingly put together a recreation of a World War 2 battleship or classic tank, and see the detail of these immense war machines. If the skies better hold your interest, then perhaps you want to build a balsa wood model of a classic aircraft?

No matter your interest, or whether you are a beginner or expert model builder and collector, there are loads of different models that may pique your interest. I hope you find this site useful, and if it introduces you to the world of models for the first time, then welcome!

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