Model Steam Engines

These are some of the best model steam engines, including stationary steam engines, locomotives and traction engines.

Key Information

  1. Many of these models are great collectors items
  2. Most come already assembled or in kit form
  3. They run on dry fuel, so kids should use them with adult supervision

Model steam engines are great for kids and adults alike!

The (now long-since aged) schoolboy in me secretly wants to return to the days where adventure and possibility were the norm. But sadly, adult life has forced itself upon me and only really allows the occasional distraction. That’s why I set up this site – I love model steam engines – they’re a great way to share knowledge and develop an appreciation for our history. Something that both adults and children can enjoy together.

Model steam engines are working models so they can be expensive and require a degree of care when using them. They can come in kit form (assembly required) or already built. Most run on dry fuel, which heats their boilers to propel the engine.

Our picks for the best model steam engines