Plastic Model Kits

Plastic is a great material to build models with, as the pieces are precision cut, durable and easily decorated.

Key Information

  1. These kits range from very simple beginners kits with a dozen or so pieces, to advanced kits with hundreds
  2. Many of these kits are suitable for children, but check the information before you buy
  3. You’ll have to buy glue and paint separately

Plastic model kits are the most common due to their low cost and huge range of models available to buy

Plastic kits come with precision cut pieces that are very robust, so much less likely to break compared to wooden kits. Some may require a bit of attention as they come within an injection moulded “runner” – while they are simply pressed out, it may leave little pieces of the runner attached to the part that will need to be filed down.

The complexity of plastic kits can range from simple “snap together” kits that are geared at beginners and younger model builders, to more advanced kits with hundreds of pieces that require care and dedication to assemble.

Model building can be hugely rewarding and the types of model kits you’ll find made from plastic are generally historical vehicles (usually military vehicles such as tanks or battleships), so the model you’ll end up with is a little bit of history and looks great when displayed in your room.

The Best Plastic Model Kits