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Hi there!

There’s something fantastic about the era of the steam engine, isn’t there?

A wistful reminder of a time not-so-long-ago, where innovation and invention were a curious adventure that unlocked a world that had yet to be discovered. Knowledge was gained through hard work, trial and error, and a little bit of luck – a stark contrast to the simplistic and comparatively dull manner in which modern day humans can Google answers to any question.

The steam engine was a moment of epiphany for mankind – a turning point where we began to master the elements and gained a new understanding for the world around us. It gave us a sense that anything was possible and paved the way for the industrial era that has created the world we now live in.

For me, the idea that the average person could achieve such feats during a time where the world must have seemed like a daunting and unending place, is just fantastic.

The (now long-since aged) schoolboy in me secretly wants to return to the days where adventure and possibility were the norm. But sadly, adult life has forced itself upon me and only really allows the occasional distraction. That’s why I set up this site – I love model steam engines – they’re a great way to share knowledge and develop an appreciation for our history. Something that both adults and children can enjoy together.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me on contact (at) modelsteam.co.uk


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