Model Ship Kits

Sailing ships make wonderful models as they are visually very unique and offer a small piece of naval history.

Key Information

  1. These are generally kits, so there will be some assembly required
  2. There are a wide range of kits, suitable for children and adults
  3. Many of the finished model ships can be painted

Ships are popular model kits for both adults and kids

We’ve always been fascinated with naval history. Along with the advent of the steam engine and key advancements in aviation, sailing ships represent a critical turning point in our history. Empires were built on the back of our ability to sail the seas and naval technology was at the heart of mankind’s last great adventure across the world.

Today, we can connect with anywhere else in the world almost instantly. Global travel and communication is commonplace. But it wasn’t so long ago that foreign lands were exotic, mysterious and unknown and to even attempt to travel to them meant weeks at sea. 

Enjoy a little bit of history with some of these beautiful crafted model sailing ship kits which are fun solo or family projects and make lovely models when they’re complete.

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