Model Kits for Adults

If you’re looking for a challenge or need a gift idea for an adult, check these great guides for model kits that are suitable for adults.

Key Information

  1. Model kits make a great gift for adults and many are very low cost
  2. Remember, you might need to also buy some supplies such as glue and paint
  3. While all these kits are suitable for adults, some are more complex than others so read the info to get an idea of the skill level involved

We’re never too old to enjoy model building!

With many model kits coming with hundreds or even over a thousand pieces, there’s a great deal of patience and skill required in assembling them which makes them more suited to adults rather than children.

Model kits make great gifts as the recipient doesn’t need to have previous experience with building models – perhaps instead they have a passion for engineering, construction, aviation, military history or numerous other subjects? A model kit is a wonderful present for adults as it gives them something they can work on at their own pace and the resulting model will be a great looking keepsake.

Some of our more general guides (e.g. Spitfire models, military models, matchstick models) contain suggestions for everyone and each recommendation clearly indicates if the model is suitable for adults or children. We’ve also put together some adult-specific guides, all of which you can check out below.

Check out these great model kits suitable for adults