Military Model Kits

Military vehicles are popular choices for model kits as they are detailed and come with a little bit of history.

Key Information

  1. These models tend to be faithful recreations of the original
  2. These are all kits, so there will be some assembly required
  3. It’s likely you’ll have to purchase glue and paint separately

Military models are great because they are detailed, challenging to build and paint

Military vehicles are usually represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence as periods of warfare drive investment and innovation of technology. But, as quickly as a vehicle is at the top of its game, it can soon become obsolete and in many cases there are no surviving versions of the original vehicle.

That’s part of the attraction of building models of tanks, planes and battleships. You get to create a unique piece of history that may only otherwise be experienced in museums or history books.

The models in the guides in this section are for a range of skill level and are constructed from a variety of materials. Have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

Our favourite military model kits