Review: Wilesco D12 Steam Engine

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Review: Wilesco D12 Steam Engine

Fans of model stationary steam engines are going to love the highly detailed D12 steam locomotive engine by Wilesco. A real eye catcher and a powerful and fast engine, this stationary steam engine is also the biggest of the steam engines that Wilesco has in their range.

Ideal as a collector’s piece, for beginner steam enthusiasts or as an educational tool, the base-mounted Wilesco D12 steam engine provides a nostalgic look back at the glory days of steam engineering. Regularly used in factories of the early 1960’s, this steam engine would have required many men to operate and maintain.

While this, the D12, is a great way to educate children on the history of the steam engine, they should never be left alone with this model. Adult supervision is required at all times as there are parts that move very fast and surfaces that can be hot to the touch. This is a real steam engine after all, so care should always be taken when operating.

Built to High Quality

This dry fuel operated model steam engine comes technically complete and is not in kit form, so getting it up and running will not take much time at all. It can also power a number of Wilesco accessories with ease such as street lights or drilling machines.

The D12 has a gorgeous polished and chrome-plated brass boiler with a capacity of 250cc and a glass sight level indicator that will allow you to monitor water levels. That boiler is set atop a brick-embossed mounting with two foot bridges. The D12 is completed with an oscillating brass piston and cylinder and a flywheel with a grooved pulley.

The steam whistle with chain is what is used to help control the pressure inside the boiler. When you sound that whistle while the already beautifully sounding engine is running, you will most definitely get goosebumps.

Measuring 31.5 x 25.5 x 17cm and weighing 1.6kg, you are getting one of the heftier stationary steam engines in the range. This just adds to the satisfaction that you will feel, as it is a very sturdy unit. Clean up after use takes a bit of time but you would not have it any other way if you want this piece to stay looking fantastic.

  • Brass boiler
  • Weight of 1.6kg
  • Technically complete (not in kit form)
  • Wilesco’s largest engine
  • Steam whistle
  • Spring loaded safety valve

Whether you’re a fledgeling enthusiast or an experienced collector, the Wilesco D12 is a stationary steam engine that is well worth checking out. Solidly built and beautifully designed, this steam engine is a great addition to any collection. Furthermore, with the many accessories that can be added, this engine can really serve up a treat.

Gorgeous to look at and extremely satisfying to run, the Wilesco D12 certainly comes highly recommended. When on display the D12 will certainly add appeal to any room and will become a regular talking point whenever you have visitors over.


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