Review: Hornby R3060 RailRoad BR ‘Tornado’ Class A1

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Review: Hornby R3060 RailRoad BR ‘Tornado’

The Hornby R3060 RailRoad BR ‘Tornado’ Class A1 Steam locomotive was built in England and completed in 2008. Astonishingly, the first of its kind was built in 1960 by British Railways. Indeed, this locomotive was tested and proved up to 97km/h. Of course, since its creation it has been running on the UK rail network as well as on mainline-connected heritage networks. It is a great gift for train enthusiasts on a special day or during the festive season

Who’s it for?

The locomotive is best suited for young as well as old keen modellers. Also, it can be used by newcomers and therefore caters for a range of users. It provides an ideal complement to the various locomotives, rolling stock, track, buildings, and accessories in the Hornby catalogue.

This locomotive is DCC ready and compatible with analogue train layouts. It can also easily be converted to suit a DCC digital layout. The model is suitable for you if you are in search of a static display model. You can gift this locomotive to anyone, and it will suit their needs.

What do customers think?

Customers who have bought and used this locomotive attest that it is a beautiful model that has been reasonably priced. Consumers who have used the Hornby R3060 RailRoad BR ‘Tornado’ Class A1 Steam Locomotive confirm that it is nicely detailed. Additionally, the locomotive can be upgraded with extra parts, so it remains realistic and up to date. Moreover, customers on Amazon have commended the quality of this locomotive.

Customers on Amazon have also been impressed by the ability of this locomotive to run quietly and smoothly as well. The locomotive has also been rated as being a good performer across a varied track layout.

Key features

The locomotive weighs only 599g for easy portability from one point to another. The fact that the locomotive uses an electric engine ensures that there is no battery needed for its operation. Also, it is DCC ready as it has a special socket which is ready to receive a DCC decoder. This locomotive is 293 millimetres long and features a 00 gauge that it uses for operation. Its motor is made of three poles that contain flywheels which also helps in operation.

So, what is the bottom line?

The Hornby R3060 RailRoad BR ‘Tornado’ Class A1 provides a thrilling collection of locomotives with varied rolling stocks. The lightweight property of this locomotive ensures that you do not have to scratch your head when you have to move places. If you are considering a locomotive model to gift to someone or for yourself, this is the perfect fit.

Its quality and therefore durability has attracted more consumers. Furthermore, the Hornby R3060 RailRoad BR ‘Tornado’ Class A1 is DCC ready which is a unique capability. You can therefore never go wrong with this locomotive irrespective of the person you are purchasing it for. Its impressive capability of offering good value for the money spent has remained a key marketing feature for this locomotive.


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