Review: The Hornby Santa’s Express Train

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Review: The Hornby Santa’s Express Train

The Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set perfect for beginners as it includes a power transformer and a mat. It also has an oval track as well as the Santa’s festive train attached to it. Its spectacular decorations make it the best set for Christmas occasion.

Who’s this for?

Interestingly, the Hornby Santa’s Express Train is a perfect fit for beginners and is also suitable for users of all ages; young and old. Then again, it is ideal for seasoned modellers. The fact that it fascinates people of all ages makes it perfect for the festive season. Building the set around the base of your Christmas tree ensures an outstanding decoration that you may need for the festive season.

You can also gift this locomotive to anyone for the Santa festive season. The included additional track packs can be used to provide a larger layout. Its steam engine works to ensure that the locomotive serves you well.

How do other customers feel about the Hornby Santa’s Express Train?

Customers who have used this locomotive applaud its fascinating appearance from the Christmas tree which delights both children and grown-ups. Its durability has also been commended since it can be used all year round after Christmas celebrations are over, for decorations. Consumers have also been excited over the ease of assembly that is associated with the Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set.

Moreover, its provision of value for the money spent is said to be excellent. Its smooth and quiet operation is another factor that has pleased the customers on Amazon.

Let’s look at the key features of this outstanding piece of locomotive

This locomotive occupies less storage space with minimum storage requirements set at 1600mm*1180mm. It weighs 921g which makes it slightly lightweight and therefore easily portable. The locomotive has everything that will help you to start using it immediately. This includes an oval track, power transformer as well as a mat.

Moving on, the Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set includes its steam engine that is used to power it up. Additionally, there is a wagon that is full of presents. Moreover, the reindeer box van-3rd Radius starter oval power track is available. It has an engine that is charged with the responsibility of starting the train. These features ensure that you get a spectacular decoration during and after the Christmas season.

In a nutshell

The Hornby Santa’s Express Train Set presents to you a colourful and fascinating decoration for your Christmas tree. The wagon that is usually full of presents makes it more interesting. Its spritely little engine has enough power to start up the train. This locomotive provides room for acquiring additional trackpads which are used to construct a larger layout.

Astoundingly, the Hornby MidiMat has included therein so you can view how the train set can continuously grow into a sensational railway model. These, therefore, make this train set a perfect present that you would gift to a friend or family member. The decorations that accompany it cannot be overlooked as well as its power and capability to give you an exciting Christmas period.


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